Featured Image Best Bars in Horsham - Best Bars in Horsham

Horsham is the home of a large number and variety of bars, pubs, restaurants, and cocktail bars. There is something for everyone. A night out will not be disappointing when visiting any of the local establishments. Not only do they offer excellent choices in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but delicious food to go with it.

Some of the best bars in Horsham are listed here.

Post Image Best Bars in Horsham The Bear Pub - Best Bars in HorshamThe Bear Pub

This pub is situated in the centre of the market town of Horsham. Patrons can enjoy a variety of cask ales and cold beers. Wine and soft drinks are also available. Enjoy snacks and sandwiches with a cup of coffee in the garden courtyard or by the warmth of the open fires during those cold days.

Post Image Best Bars in Horsham The Dead Parrot - Best Bars in HorshamThe Dead Parrot

The Dead Parrot is a cocktail bar in Horsham. It comes highly recommended by locals and travellers alike. The bar offers a variety of tasty and colourful cocktail drinks. Other types of drinks can also be ordered for those looking for a simple beer or soft drink.

Post Image Best Bars in Horsham The Black Jug - Best Bars in HorshamThe Black Jug

This bar also comes highly recommended. It is situated within walking distance from Horsham park and the centre of the town, Carfax. The usual types of beverages and food options are available.

Post Image Best Bars in Horsham Piries Bar - Best Bars in HorshamPiries Bar

Piries Bar is a favourite among the locals. The staff are friendly and the service excellent. Enjoy delicious food and cocktails, gin, beer, and wines at Piries. This is a great place to visit for travellers to get an idea of the local culture and cuisine.

Any of these bars are great for a visit. They are only a handful of the many fantastic bars and restaurants that are popular in Horsham. Make sure to travel through Horsham for a great dose of English hospitality.

Best Bars in Horsham

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